Homeschool Chat 1.27.17

My family is very lucky to be able to homeschool. I’ll start with that. There are so many who would love to have the opportunity to school their children at home, but because of situations they cannot control both parents have to work outside of the home. There are others who would like to homeschool, but are afraid to because it seems so daunting. I understand all of this, which is why I say we are lucky.

When my husband and I got married we had already discussed the possibility of homeschooling our children when the time came. He wasn’t as keen to it as I was, but by the time the oldest was old enough to begin school, he was completely on board. I am thankful for that! I cannot imagine how difficult it is for those couples who are not in agreement on this.

We officially started homeschooling our oldest daughter when she was in Pre-K, she is now in 1st grade. So we are still new to this. We will, Lord willing, have 3 more children coming up behind her. That will be interesting! Honestly, I am not sure I am prepared for that.

While I don’t have any special insight or life altering words to offer you, I have my daily experiences that I will share from time to time.

20170127_164915With our first grader we are using Horizons Math 1, Logic of English Foundations B, Story of the World Vol. 1, Science in the Beginning by Dr. Jay L. Wile, and Bible study. We also supplement with various real life learning opportunities as they come up.

I would be happy to share our schedule with you, except we do not have one. Oops. I tried one at the beginning of the year and life quickly got in the way. Thankfully, in Texas we do not need to meet a certain required number of days or hours per day. So we are able to work at our own pace and when life happens we can pause formal schooling for a bit.

There was one teacher that remember more fondly than the rest from my days in public school. Her name was Ms. Starr and she was my 2nd grade teacher. Some of my favorite memories are when we would get to “cook” something in class. It was such fun! I was reminded of that today while my 1st grader and my 4 year old were in the kitchen helping me make chocolate chip cookies. At first glance it looks like we are just messing around and making cookies, but when you think about the real life applications to the concepts they are taught then you can clearly see it as a learning opportunity. Plus the cookies were delicious! Here is where I found the recipe. Make them!


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